Graduate Research

Academic Year 2023

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/23 Seth Thomas The Current State of the Gig Economy Amidst an Ever-Changing Workplace:
A Consideration of Demographic Variation in Who Gig Workers are and How They are Fairing?
Doug Lamdin, Christelle Viauroux
5/23 Jose Colantoni Testing the validity of machine learning counterfactual prediction methods: An evaluation of ML-generated
counterfactuals in low-frequency data conditions
Maria Bernedo

Academic Year 2022

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/22 Katherine GIannini To What Extent Are Hospitals Profit Maximizers? The Role of Market Concentration in Price Negotiation Ryan Mutter
5/22 Elizabeth Blake Cost Benefit Analysis of a Hypothetical Safe Consumption Site in Baltimore City: Revisited post Covid -19 Pandemic McLaren Zoe
8/23 Amy Soukup Rethinking Park Access In Baltimore Yusuke Kuwayama, Dillion Mahmoudi
8/23 Sven Narula Mexican Immigration and the Local Average Wage Effect: A Labor Market Analysis Oleg Firsin

Academic Year 2021

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/21 Moises Marin Time-to-Event Modeling to Uncover the True Effect on Standardized Testing on Colllege Success Lisa Dickson
5/21  Oluwaseun Odibo The Domestic Price and Output Effects of a Restriction on Foreign Exchange Requests for Imports of Rice: Evidence from Nigeria Oleg Firsin
5/21 Brandee Blumenthal Looking at the Effect of Race on Sentence Length for Drug Trafficking Offenses Lauren Edwards
5/21 Justin Johnson Measuring the Relationship Between Single-Family Zoning Restrictions and Residental Segregation in the Baltimore Region Pamela Bennett, Dillon Mahmoudi

Academic Year 2020

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
8/20 Ashley Dolgoff Returns Relative to College Major Across Time…..……………………..  Lisa Dickson
12/20 Tanguy Ringoir The Effects of a County-Level E-cigarette Tax on Youth Vaping Incidence and its Policy Implications Dennis Coates

Academic Year 2019

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/19 Jessica Lincoln Are you RGGI for this? An Analysis of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative’s Impact on Particulate Matter and Health Nick Kelly
6/19 Hunter Shelton The Growth, Development, and Performance of Socially Responsible Exchange-Traded Funds Doug Lamdin
12/19 Logan Johnson Does Telehealth Effect Rural Costs? Nancy Miller

Academic Year 2018

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/18 Catherine Mata Hidalgo Impact of the Access to Public Child Care on Employment, Education Attendance, and Time Spent on Unpaid Domestic Work of Women in Costa Rica Tim Gindling
7/18 Jonathan Yoe Has post-2008 Monetary Policy Been Successful?: The Fed’s Unconventional Policy versus the Taylor Rule from 2008-2017 Ryan Brady
3/18 Megi Wiley Social Capital and Output per Worker Tim Gindling
6/18 Nolan O’Toole Right-to-Work Laws’ Effect on Occupational Safety and Health Tim Gindling
5/18 Daniel Louloudes The Effect of Income Expansion on Health: Observed by Using the 2009 Expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit as a Source of Exogenous Variation Lisa Dickson

Academic Year 2017

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/17 William Parry Merger to Delays? An Analysis of the Relationship between the US Airways & American Airlines Merger and Delayed Flights Christelle Viauroux
7/17 Sayer Niblett Microfinance and Poverty: A Country-level Panel Data Analysis Gindling
Bekzod Mirahmedov Financial Knowledge and Financial Market Participation Doug Lamdin

Academic Year 2016

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/16 Kevin Baier The Effect of ARRA EITC Expansion on Social Mobility Spending Between EITC Recipients With and Without At Least Three EITC Eligible Dependents Dennis Coates
5/16 Bryan Gale Living in a Food Desert and Health Outcomes Brent Gibbons
12/15 Thomas Hsu U.S. Recession Forecasting Using Probit Models with Asset Index Predictor Variables Chunming Yuan
10/15 Steve Maschke Optimal Stopping for College Applicants in Brazil Christelle Viauroux
3/16 William Wittler Sentiment Analysis in Risk Preference: A Case Study in the Maryland State Lottery Christelle Viauroux


Academic Year 2015

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
12/15 Lukas Glos Inequality in Access to Piped Water Systems Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Populations: Evidence from Peru Tim Gindling
5/15 Tejan Shah Determining the Factors that Negatively Affect the Utilization on Informational Preventive Care Bing Ma
5/15 Matt Snead An Evaluation of the Maryland Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs Scott Farrow


Academic Year 2014

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
5/14 Richard Bowers Accounting for Cost Reductions and the Role for Subsidies in Emerging Energy Technologies Ginny McConnell
5/14 David Farkas The Cost Efficiency of Nitrogen Removal from Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay Scott Farrow
12/14 Ivone Gadala-Maria Evaluating the Impact of Ocean and Air Infrastructure on Trade: A Gravity Model Approach WendyTakacs
5/14 Atara Oliver Borrowing for School and a Home: Student Loan Debt and Home Purchase Dennis Coates


Academic Year 2013

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
05/14 Tunde Adedipe The Impact of the Volcker Rule on Systematically Important Financial Institutions: An Event Study Doug Lamdin
12/13 Katherine Bryant  Schools for Educational Evolution and Development (SEED): A Benefit-Cost Evaluation Lisa Dickson
05/14 Jackson Costa  The Return Characteristics of REITs and Portfolio Considerations Doug Lamdin
08/13 Esra Yavuz Erdem  Effects of Mother’s Smoking Behaviors on Birth Weight Bing Ma
06/13 David Song On the Influences of Race and Immigration on STEM Degree Attainment Marvin Mandell
08/12 Atinderjit Toor The Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior Among the Young: Do the Differences in State Education Policies Matter? Chunming, Yuan
08/13  Jessica Wilson  Free Banking:  A Viable Alternative to Central Banking  Morgan Rose

Academic Year 2012

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
05/12 Chava Carter   Do Modern Sultans Beget Black Swans?  An Analysis of State Fragility in the Middle East and North Africa Tim Gindling
30/12 Yi-An Chen Gender Difference in Stature:  Evidence from the Great Chinese Famine Bing Ma
05/12 Larry Jerome A Test of the Robustness of Benefit-Cost Evaluations of Welfare-to-Work Programs David Greenberg
05/12 Nitesh Kumar Determinants of the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions Tim Gindling
05/12 Tanu Pongsiri How Does Austerity Affect Credit Default Swap Spreads? Chunming Yuan
08/12 Amy Rayburn The Effects of Economic Development on Water Quality:  An Econometric Analysis of the Effects of Urban Growth on Pollutant Levels in the Patuxent River Ginny McConnell
05/12 Matt Spadafora Is the Second Time a Charm?  The Return of NFL Franchises and their Economic Impact on Metropolitan Areas Dennis Coates
05/12 Sharanjit Toor Gender Differences in Financial Literacy in the U.S.:  Evidence and Implications for Consumer Policy Doug Lamdin
05/12 Juan Vega-Rodriguez An Analysis of Procyclicality of Allowances for Loan and Lease Losses in the U.S. Banking System and the Basel III Accord Morgan Rose

 Academic Year 2011

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
08/11 Rita Choi Implementing Economic Sanctions:  The Impact of U.N. Resolution 1718 on Exports to North Korea Wendy Takacs
08/12 Xiaotao Ran Disparity of Education Attainment Among Hispanic Second-Generation Immigrants Tim Gindling
5/11 Stephen Ross The Costs of Meeting Maryland’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Through Wind:  An Analysis of Potential Onshore Wind Farms in the PJM Region Ginny McConnell

 Academic Year 2010

Date Student Presentation Title/Topic Advisor
05/10 Akindele Bamidele Education in Sub-Saharan Africa:  To What Extent Does Ethnic Diversity Affect School Enrollment in Sub-Saharan Africa? David Mitch
06/10 Peng Chu How Did Social and Economic Conditions Affect Regional Education and its Change in the British Industrial Revolution David Mitch
03/09 Kyle Clelan Credit Rating Changes and Stock Price Reactions:  New Evidence from REITs Doug Lamdin
05/10 Kisou Kusuzaki Recent Trends of Suicides in Japan 1998-2008:  Role of Shocks and Part-time Employment Dave Marcotte
08/10 Andrew Madison The Effect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on Racial Disparities in Home Health Care Marsha Goldfarb
05/10 Betty Osias-Kivuvu The Role of Central Bank Independence in International Monetary Policy Coordination Chunming Yuan
5/10 Shelley Stegman Consumer Valuation of Fuel Economy Ginny McConnell
05/10 Dan Wu Fiscal Policy and Endogenous Economic Growth in Developing Countries:  Empirical Evidence from Chinese Provinces Investigation Matthias Cinyabuguma