Registration Advising & Clearance

Current and continuing undergraduate students must meet with a faculty or department advisor at least once per semester to receive authorization or “clearance” to register for the next semester’s classes.  Your clearance advisor will either be the Econ Department Academic Advisor or a Faculty Advisor assigned to you. Check your email for advising assignments prior to each semester’s advanced registration period.


Fall 2024 Advising Assignments & Instructions Emailed to ECON BA & FIEC BS Majors:  MARCH 7th, 2024


As a matter of UMBC policy and procedure, students are responsible for the management of their academic careers. They are expected to familiarize themselves with resources such as the Undergraduate Catalog and the degree audit, and to remain informed of all published policies, degree requirements and academic calendar dates. — Academic Standards, UMBC Registrar

  • Follow the Advising & Clearance Checklist below.
  • Instructions are emailed to ECON & FIEC majors identifying your Department or Faculty Advisor.
    • If you did not receive the above emailed notice, you were not declared a major by the time the major’s list was compiled. You must be declare the correct major or correct any errors in the record of your major before being advised.
    • Declaration/Change of Major
  • If you are a currently enrolled student, the next winter and summer class sessions are already cleared.
  • Advising Assignment notices for Fall 2024 Advanced Registration were sent out on/about March 7th, 2024. 
  • Advanced Registration begins April 2nd, 2024 for continuing undergraduates.  See Registration Appointment link in checklist.
  • General Registration begins April 22nd, 2024 for all undergraduates incoming and continuing.

Advising & Clearance Checklist:

  • You will be assigned either the Department Advisor or a Faculty Advisor.
  • A few weeks before Advanced Registration begins, declared majors will receive an email from the economics advisor with their advisor assignment, that is, WHO will be advising & clearing them.
  • Repair Your Major.  Be sure you are declared correctly for the major you intend.  You cannot be both ECON BA and FIEC BS, you must declare certificates, like Accounting and Management Accounting.
  • DIY Pre-Advising forms and instructions are located here:
  • You will not gain clearance without submitting a completed Pre-Advising form. Forms must be received by the time of your created appointment slot or you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • Make contact with your assigned advisor and follow their instructions for receiving advising and clearance.
  • Depending on your meeting type – either in person, email, or online –  your advisor will need to receive and review your completed Pre-Advising form.
  • You will not gain clearance without submitting a completed Pre-Advising form.  Forms must be ready or received by your advisor prior to clearance.
  • Once you are cleared, then you will need to enroll on or beyond your Registration Appointment day/time.
  • Registration Appointments are determined by UMBC’s Registrar.  Find the date/time here:
  • Your Registration Appointment is granted by the number of earned credits you have.
  • Enroll in classes via your advisor’s recommendations.