Enrico Berkes

Ph.D, Northwestern University

Pausch Assistant Professor, Economics

Contact Information:

Email: eberkes@umbc.edu
Office: Public Policy 325
Phone: 410-455-xxxx

Curriculum Vitae / Personal Website

Research Interests: Economics of Innovation, Urban Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Work in Progress:
Technological Waves and Local Growth (with Ruben Gaetani and Martí Mestieri)

Knowledge Access: The Effects of Carnegie Libraries on Innovation (with Peter Nencka)Comprehensive Universe of U.S. Patents (CUSP): Data and Facts

Global Innovation Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from 100 years of World Patent Data (with Kristina Manysheva and Marti Mestieri)


Lockdowns and Innovation: Evidence from the 1918 Flu Pandemic, The Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming (with Olivier Deschenes, Ruben Gaetani, Jeffrey Lin, and Christopher Severen)

Income Segregation and the Rise of the Knowledge Economy, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 15 (2): 69-102, 2023 (with Ruben Gaetani)

The Census Place Project: A Method for Geolocating Unstructured Place Names,  Explorations in Economic History, 87:101477, 2023 (with Ezra Karger and Peter Nencka)

Women are Credited Less in Science than are Men, Nature, 608(7921): 135-145, 2022 (with Matthew B. Ross, Britta M. Glennon, Raviv Muricano-Goroff, Bruce A. Weinberg, Julia I. Lane)

The Ripple Effects of Funding on Researchers and Output, Science Advances, 8(16), 2022 (with Reza Sattari, Jung Bae, and Bruce Weinberg)
The Geography of Unconventional Innovation, The Economic Journal, 131(636): 1466-1514, 2021 (with Ruben Gaetani)
Too Much Finance?, Journal of Economic Growth, 20(115), 2015 (with Jean-Louis Arcand and Ugo Panizza)
Afghanistan: Balancing Social and Security Spending in the Context of a Shrinking Resource Envelope, Asian Development Review, 31(2): 165-197, 2014 (with Aqib Aslam, Martin Fukac, Jeta Menkulasi and Axel Schimmelpfennig)