Robert E. Carpenter

Ph.D.,  Washington University


Professor, Economics
Associate Provost

Contact Information

Office: Administration, Room 603
Phone: 410-455-6590

Curriculum Vitae


 Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Industrial Organization, Theory of the Firm.

Working Papers

“The Under Performance Phenomenon: Minority Banks are Not Different”, (with Breck Robinson). Revise and Resubmit.

“Exiting SBLF”, (with Breck Robinson).

Recent/Selected Publications

“The Other Capital Infusion Program: The Case of the Small Business Lending Fund”, Review of Financial Economics, 34, September 2017, 99-108 (with Eliana Balla and Breck Robinson)

“Assessing the Effectiveness of the Paulson “Teaser Freezer” Plan: Evidence from the ABX Index”, Journal of Economics and Business, 63(5) September-October 2011, 392-411 (with Eliana Balla and Breck Robinson)

“Who Pays for the Maryland Lottery? Evidence from Point of Sale Data”, Journal of Gambling Business and Economics, 2010 4(1) 33-54 (with Evan Perlman and Donald F. Norris)

“Investment Opportunities, Cash Flow, and Investment: New Tests Using UK Panel Data”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 32 (2008) 1894-1906, September (with Alessandra Guariglia)

“Investment Behavior, Observable Expectations, and Internal Funds: A Comment on Cummins, Hasset, and Oliner (American Economic Review, 2006)”, Economics Bulletin, 5(12), 1-12, July 2007 (with Alessandra Guariglia)

“Going Public to Grow? Evidence from a Panel of Italian Firms”, Small Business Economics, 27(4-5) 387-407 December 2006 (with Laura Rondi)

“Capital Market Imperfections, High-Tech Investment, and New Equity Financing”, The Economic Journal, 112(477), 54-72, 2002 (with Bruce Petersen)

“Is the Growth of Small Firms Constrained by Internal Finance?”, Review of Economics and Statistics, 84(2), 298-309, 2002 (with Bruce Petersen)

“Italian Corporate Governance, Investment, and Finance”, Empirica, 27(4), 365-388, 2000 (with Laura Rondi)


(For a complete list of publications, see Curriculum Vitae)