Core Faculty: Full list


Photo2-for-thumnailSalem Abo-Zaid

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, Fiscal Policy.

Phone: 410-455-2498      Email:     Location: Public Policy 328

Michael Andrews

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Economic History, Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Applied Microeconomics. 

Phone:  410-455-6590   Email:    Location: Public Policy 327

nopictureThumbnailMaria Bernedo Del Carpio

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Environmental, Behavioral, Experimental, and Urban and Regional Economics

Phone: 410-455-2068     Email:     Location: Public Policy 332

PhotoBobThumbnailRobert E. Carpenter

Professor, Associate Provost

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Industrial Organization, Theory of the Firm.

Phone: 410-455-6590     Email:     Location: Public Policy 327

Photo4Kathleen-thumbnailKathleen A. Carroll

Associate Professor, Associate Dean

Research Interests: Economics of Organizations, Industrial Organization, Regulation.

Phone: 410-455-2169     Email:     Location: Physics 327

Nicolas Castro Cienfuegos

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Productivity, Networks in Economics

Phone: 410-455-2173      Email:     Location: Public Policy 325

Dennis2Dennis C. Coates


Research Interests: Public Choice, Public Finance, Sports Economics.

Phone: 410-455-3243     Email:     Location: Public Policy 323

Maryann Davenport


Phone: 410-455-2177      Email:    Location: Public Policy 326

LisathumbnailLisa M. Dickson

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Econometrics.

Phone: 410-455-2176      Email:     Location: Public Policy 322

OlegthumbnailOleg Firsin

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: International Trade, Labor Economics, Development Economics, and Applied Microeconomics.

Phone: 410-455-2171     Email:   Location: Public Policy 335

TimGthumbnail2Thomas H. Gindling

Professor, Graduate Program Director

Research Interests: Economic Development.

Phone: 410-455-3629     Email:   Location: Public Policy 330

Laura-thumbnailAudra Hennigan

Lecturer, Accounting

Phone:  410-455-4951 Email:   Location: Public Policy 340

Doug-thumbnail3Douglas J. Lamdin


Research Interests: Financial Economics, Public Finance, Financial Literacy.

Phone: 410-455-2672     Email:   Location: Public Policy 329

Bing-thumbnailBing Ma



Phone: 410-455-8039        Email:    Location: Public Policy 339

Suzann Medicus

Director of Accounting Program, Lecturer


Phone: 410-455-6590      Email:     Location: Public Policy 327

DavidDavid F. Mitch

Professor, Department Chair

Research Interests: American and European Economic History.

Phone: 410-455-2157     Email:   Location: Public Policy 337

Se-Mi Park-thumbnailSe Mi Park

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: International Trade, Institutional Economics, Economic Development.

Phone: 410-455-2174     Email:   Location: Public Policy 333

Morgan-thumbnailMorgan J. Rose

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Industrial Organization, Financial Institutions.

Phone: 410-455-8485     Email:   Location: Public Policy 341

Mark-thumbnailMark Thomas

Associate Chair / Lecturer

Phone: 410-455-6593     Email:   Location: Public Policy 363

Christelle-thumbnailChristelle K. Viauroux

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Structural Applied Microeconomics, Matching Theory.

Phone: 410-455-3117     Email:   Location: Public Policy 336

Chunming-thumbnailChunming Yuan

Associate Professor

Research Interests: International Economics/Finance, Financial Economics, Econometrics.

Phone: 410-455-2314      Email:     Location: Public Policy 324