Advising & Clearance Announcement

This announcement below was via email on March 7th, 2024 to advisees of Econ Department Advisor, Robert Pawloski.

If you DID NOT receive this email you were: an inactive student, undeclared in the ECON BA or FIEC BS as of March 6th, 2024, or you were assigned a Faculty Advisor and received a different announcement.

Advising & Registration Clearance
for Fall 2024

If you’re receiving this email, you are listed as an ECON B.A. or FIEC B.S. major in the Economics Department.  Your advisor for clearance to enroll in Fall 2024 classes is Econ Department Advisor, Robert Pawloski.

Beginning March 7th, 2024, you can sign up for Advising and Registration Clearance to enroll in Fall 2024 classes with your assigned advisor. That’s me.  This is clearance and advising, actual enrollment comes later at a time assigned by the Registrar.

Follow the steps carefully to avoid delays with class registration.

  1. Correct Your Declared Major.  Some of you have both ECON BA and FIEC BS declared.  You can only be one or the other, not both.  Make it right.  Submit a Declaration/Change of Major form HERE and eliminate the one that doesn’t belong.
  2. Complete and Submit the PRE-ADVISING FORM to your advisor BEFORE your meeting.  This will be your responsibility.  Do your best!
  3. Schedule to Receive Clearance and Advising Notes
    • Schedule your clearance slot with me HERE.
    • Choose the “Econ Registration Clearance: Email Only”  Appointment Type.
    • Under Reason for Your Appointment, choose “Registration Clearance [EMAIL ONLY]”
    • You’ll receive an email confirmation of your slot w/ instructions repeated there.
    • WE DO NOT ACTUALLY MEET for this step.
    • Your Registration Advising & Clearance appointment time establishes communication through **EMAIL** on the date assigned, not a specific meeting time.  Your pre-advising form & degree audit will be reviewed, you will be cleared and an advising sheet with class recommendations and other notes will be emailed back to you by the end of the day of your appointment.
  4. Advising Notes.  You will receive Advising Notes on the ECON or FIEC Advising Sheet via your UMBC email address.
    • Recommend classes and other notes, like remaining GEPs and university requirements will be listed on this sheet.
    • Corrections and notations to your Pre-Advising form.

  • Further Advising.  If you have further questions about your schedule, you may email me your question or set-up a real-time appointment in the using the WebEx or In Person appointment types section of the scheduling interface.  Let me know more about your inquiry in the appointment form’s “Comments” section.
  • Enroll in Classes via the Registrar’s Registration Appointment Schedule, HERE.
    • General Registration & Clearance instructions for Econ HERE
  • Class schedules will be out on March 25th, 2024
  • Advanced Registration by Earned Credit begins April 2nd, 2024. 
  • General Registration begins April 22nd, 2024.  At that point, enrolling in classes will be open to ALL incoming and continuing students.