Other Programs Needing Econ

These are programs in other disciplines that rely on some of Econ’s foundational classes, like ECON 101, ECON 102, ECON 121, ECON 311, etc…

Actuarial Science Specialization

The undergraduate programs of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics offer an area of specialization in Actuarial Science as an option. This specialization can be completed with a major in Statistics, Mathematics, or Economics, and may be combined with a minor in one of those fields or Computer Science. The PDF files below provide coursework suggestions, and the webpages linked below contain useful information about the field of Actuarial Science. Talk to your advisor for more details.

For more details, follow this link: https://mathstat.umbc.edu/files/2021/10/Actuarial-plan-with-Econ.pdf