Douglas J. Lamdin

Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park

Contact Information

Office: Public Policy 329
Phone: 410-455-2672

Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests

Financial Economics, Public Finance, Financial Literacy.


Recent/Selected Publications

“New Evidence on Whether Gold Mining Stocks are More like Gold or like Stocks,” Alternative Investment Analyst Review, 2016, volume 5, pp. 31-38. (with M. Johnson)

The Location of Initial Public Offering Headquarters: An Empirical Investigation” Journal of Economics and Finance, 2016, volume 40, pp. 1-18 (with M. Cichello)

Gauging the Financial Capability of Americans,” Business Economics, 2015, volume 50, pp. 135-146. (with M. Johnson) Article selected to receive the Abramson Award for outstanding article in Business Economics in the past year.

“Investment and Saving and the Euro Crisis: A New Look at Feldstein-Horioka” Journal of Economics and Business, 2014, volume 76, pp. 101-114. (with M. Johnson)

“Portfolio Performance Measures: A Case Study Using the Legg Mason Value Trust Mutual Fund” Advances in Financial Education, 2014, pp. 11-21. (with M. Johnson)

“Changes in Gasoline Prices and Consumer Sentiment” Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 2012, pp. 43-51. (with M. Johnson)

“Galbraith on Advertising, Credit, and Consumption: A Retrospective and Empirical Investigation” 2008 Review of Political Economy, volume 20, pp. 595-611.

“Does Consumer Sentiment Foretell Revolving Credit Use?” Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2008, volume 29, pp. 279-288.

“Event Studies and the Analysis of Antitrust” International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2006, volume 13, pp. 229-245. (with M. Cichello)

“New Estimates of the Equity Risk Premium and Why We Need Them,” Business Economics, 2002, volume 37, pp. 54-60.

“Can P.S. 27 Turn a Profit? Provision of Public Education by For-Profit Suppliers,” Contemporary Economic Policy, 2001, volume 19, 280-290.

“Implementing and Interpreting Event Studies of Regulatory Changes,” Journal of Economics and Business, 2001, volume 53, 171-183.

“Handle with Care: Cost of Equity Estimation with the Discounted Dividend Model When Corporations Repurchase,” Applied Financial Economics, 2001, volume 11, 483-487.

“New Results on Stock Prices and Fundamental Value,” The Journal of Investing, 2001, volume 10, 67-69.

“Estimating the Cost of Equity for Corporations that Repurchase: Theory and Application,” Engineering Economist, 2001, volume 46, 53-63.

“Valuation with the Discounted Dividend Model When Corporations Repurchase,” Financial Practice and Education, 2000, volume 10, 252-255.

“Event Studies of Regulation and New Results on the Effect of the Cigarette Advertising Ban,” Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1999, volume 16, 187-201.

“Social Science Research in School Finance Court Cases,” Knowledge, Technology, and Policy, 1998, volume 11, 107-126.

“School Choice: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead,” Education Economics, 1997, volume 5, 211-244. (with M. Mintrom)

“Student Attendance as an Independent Variable in Education Production Functions: Evidence from Baltimore Public Elementary Schools,” Journal of Educational Research, 1996, volume 89, pp. 155-162.

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“Shareholder Taxation and Aggregate Dividend Payout: Evidence from the Tax Reform Act of 1986,” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 1993, volume 3, 459-468.

“Measuring the Market Response to Regulation of the Cable TV Industry,” Journal of Regulatory Economics, 1993, volume 5, 385-399. (with K. Carroll)

“Ex-Dividend Day Share Price Behavior: Effects of the Tax Reform Act of 1986,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 1993, volume 75, 778-783. (with C. Hiemstra)

Chapters in Books

“The Contracting Out of Instructional Services,” in Restructuring Education: Innovations and Evaluations of Alternative Systems,” S. Hakim, J. Stull, and D. Ryan, eds., (Westport, CT: Praeger), 2000, 209-227.

“School Choice as Policy Reform: Issues and Approaches,” in Restructuring Education: Innovations and Evaluations of Alternative Systems,” S. Hakim, J. Stull, and D. Ryan, eds., (Westport, CT: Praeger), 2000, 129-153. (with M. Mintrom)

“Valuation with the Discounted Dividend Model for Repurchasing Corporations: Theory and Application,” Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting, volume 10, C.F. Lee, ed., (Amsterdam: JAI Press), 2001, pp. 37-47.


The Managerial Economics Reader, (Oxford, UK: Blackwell), 1994.

“Consumer Knowledge and Financial Decisions: Lifespan Perspectives” (New York: Springer), 2012. (Also translated in Korean.)


(For a complete list of publications, see Curriculum Vitae)