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Financial Assistance

We will award research and teaching assistantships to highly qualified full-time students. These assistantships provide the student with tuition remission plus a stipend for living expenses. The deadline for applying for these assistantships is mid-February. If you wish to be considered for an Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) position, please fill out the form located at the end of this information sheet, and return it, along with your resume or a statement highlighting your academic and professional accomplishments, to the Economic Policy Analysis Graduate Program Director. Previous research and/or teaching experience is an advantage but not a requirement.

All U.S. residents are strongly encouraged to apply for Federal financial aid. To do so, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA forms are available from the UMBC Financial Aid office, at any public library, or On-line. In order for UMBC to receive the information, we must be listed on your FAFSA. The UMBC school code is 002105.

Application for Assistantships (PDF)

Economic Policy Analysis Research Assistantships:

RA’s work 20 hours per week for a faculty member (or members) assisting with research projects. The usual stipend is $11,000-$12,000, paid out bi-weekly over a 9-month period. The student also receives tuition remission of 10 credits per semester, and the graduate student health plan. You must be a full time student to accept an RA position. If you have employment (and plan to continue) you would not be eligible for an RA, however you may request a tuition waiver (see below). Fill out the form located at the end of this information sheet if you wish to apply for an ECPA research assistantship.

Economic Policy Analysis Teaching Assistantships:

TA’s work 20 hours per week for a faculty (or members) assisting with the conduct of a course (or courses). We expect that the teaching assistant will be used primarily in the econometrics courses and in the computer lab. Stipend and terms of employment are the same as for research assistantships (see above). Fill out the form located at the end of this information sheet if you wish to apply for an ECPA teaching assistantship.

Tuition Waivers:

You may apply for a tuition waiver for a specific number of credits for a specific semester. The Graduate School also matches some types of scholarships with tuition waivers. Fill out the form located at the end of this information sheet if you wish to apply for a tuition waiver.

The Hilltop Institute Research Fellowships:

Several ECPA M.A. students work at The Hilltop Institute or have research assistantship positions through Hilltop. Students work at Hilltop on health care policy issues either as full-time research assistants or on a more temporary or part-time basis, depending on the student’s interest and the current projects on-going at the Center. Students interested in The Hilltop Institute Research Fellowship or interested in working at Hilltop part-time should contact Michael Nolin at The Hilltop Institute directly (Please let them know that you are an ECPA student).

Maryland Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (MIPAR):

One of the research institute’s major activities is management of grants and contracts from various governmental and public policy agencies. Under these grants and contracts, students are often hired as research assistants (including tuition remission and stipend) or on a part-time basis. If you are interested in MIPAR assistantships, please send your resume directly to Linda Brown at MIPAR.

The Shriver Center:

The Shriver Center funds graduate assistantships for returning Peace Corps volunteers. Former Peace Corps volunteers work 20 hours a week on public service projects through the Shriver Center in return for a stipend and tuition remission for any UMBC graduate program. If you are interested in this program, please contact the Shriver Center (410-455-2493).

Graduate Student Association:

The Graduate Student Association has a number of assistantships available. Contact the GSA office for further information (410-455-2773).


The Shriver Center at UMBC coordinates a large number of internships and co-operative education programs. (410-455-2493)


Qualified students can borrow up to $18,500 per year. Contact the Financial Aid Office for all questions concerning loans (410-455-2387). All applicants for graduate school who are seeking any kind of financial assistance should complete an Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). These forms are available in the Financial Aid Office (410-455-2387), or you may apply electronically. Two options are available for electronic filing: Download FAFSA Express software from the Web, or you may apply on-line using the FAFSA on the Web. If you apply electronically, be sure to print-out, sign and mail the required signature page. Your FAFSA application is not considered complete until the signature page is received.