Press and Publishing

Tim Gindling

Professor, Economics, UMBC; Co-Editor
Oxford University Press, March 30th, 2023

The Job Ladder

Transforming informal work and livelihoods in developing countries

Using a range of countries from the Global South, this book examines heterogeneity within informal work by applying a common conceptual framework and empirical methodology. The country studies use panel data to study the dynamics of worker transitions between formal and heterogeneous informal work.  More…



Mike Andrews

Assistant Professor, Economics, UMBC; Co-Editor
University of Chicago Press, February, 2022

The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth

We live in an era in which innovation and entrepreneurship seem ubiquitous, particularly in regions like Silicon Valley, Boston, and the Research Triangle Park. But many metrics of economic growth, such as productivity growth and business dynamism, have been at best modest in recent years. The resolution of this apparent paradox is dramatic heterogeneity across sectors, with some industries seeing robust innovation and entrepreneurship and others seeing stagnation. More…