Dennis C. Coates

Ph.D., University of Maryland


Professor, Economics

Contact Information

Office: PUP 323
Phone: 410-455-3243

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests

Public Choice, Public Finance, Sports Economics.


Working Papers

“Estimating substitution effects of time for fitness consumption” (with Pamela Wicker and Christoph Breuer).

“Who voted against Munich?: Explaining why voters rejected bidding on hosting the Winter Olympics” (with Pamela Wicker).

“How to use Economic Impact Studies of a Sport Event as a Management Tool: Case Study Rally Ourense” (with Angel Barajas and Patricio Sanchez, under review at Sport Management Review).

“The growth effects of sports franchises, stadia and arenas: 15 years later” (revisions requested at Mercatus Center).

The habit for voting, “civic duty” and travel distance” (with Tim Pawlowski, under review at Public Choice).

“To Build or Not To Build: An Event History Analysis of Collaborative Innovation in Major League Baseball Stadium Construction” (with Sungil Hong and Marshall Magnuson, revisions requested, Journal of Sport Management).

“The Detrimental Effect of Individual Opportunism on Team Performance” (with Bernd Frick).

“Did the World Baseball Classic foster interest in Korean Professional Baseball?” (with Sungil Hong and Seungmo Kim).

“Returns to handedness in professional hockey,” with Sara Azmoudeh Fard. UMBC, Department of Economics Working Paper, 11-135.

“Not a Game Changer,” with Michael T. Friedman. UMBC, Department of Economics Working Paper, 11-134.

Recent/Selected Publications

“Flame goes out: Hamburg’s Failed Olympic Referendum,” with Pamela Wicker, forthcoming, Contemporary Economic Policy.

“Weaponization of sporting competition: the sporting legacy of the Russian Revolution,” The Independent Review, 22(2):215-221, 2017.

“Determinants of Russian Football Club Brands”  International Journal of Sport Finance, 12(4), 2017 (with Iuliia Naidenova and Petr Parshekov).

“The fans’ perception of competitive balance and its impact on willingness-to-pay for a single game”, Journal of Sports Economics, 18(5):479-505, 2017 (with Georgios Nalbantis and Tim Pawlowski).

“Superstar Salaries and Soccer Success: The Impact of Designated Players in Major League Soccer”, Journal of Sports Economics, 17(7) 716-735, 2016 (with Bernd Frick and Todd Jewell).

“Why were voters against the 2022 Munich Winter Olympics in a Referendum?”, with Pamela Wicker, International Journal of Sport Finance, 10(3) :267-283, 2015.

“The effect of a four-week fitness program on satisfaction with health and life,” European Journal of Public Health, 25(55):864-868, 2015 (with Pamela Wicker and Christoph Breuer).

”A Compensating Differential Approach to Valuing the Social Benefit of Minor League Baseball”, Contemporary Economic Policy, 33(2):285-299, 2015 (with Nola Agha, forthcoming).

“A bivariate probit examination of financial and volunteer problems of non-profit sport clubs”, International Journal of Sport Finance, 9(3):230-248, 2014 (with Pamela Wicker, Christoph Breuer and Svenja Feiler).

“Outcome Uncertainty, Prospect Theory and Live Game Attendance,” Economic Inquiry, 52(3):959-973, 2014 (with Brad R. Humphreys and Li Zhou).

“An Examination of the Effects of the Recent Economic Crisis on Major League Baseball (MLB) Attendance Demand,” International Journal of Sport Finance, 2013 (with Sungil Hong and Michael Mondello).

“Is Hispanic Population Dispersion into Rural Counties Contributing to Local Economic Growth?”, Contemporary Economic Policy, 31(4):649-648, 2013 (with Tim Gndling).

“Game Attendance and Outcome Uncertainty in the National Hockey League,” Journal of Sports Economics 13(4):364-377, 2012 (with Brad R. Humphreys).

“Mega-Events: Is the Texas Baylor Game to Waco what the Super Bowl is To Houston?”, Journal of Sports Economics, 12(6):599-620, 2011 (with Craig Depken).

“The Effect of Professional Sports on the Earnings of Individuals: Evidence from Microeconomic Data,” Applied Economics, 43(29):4449-4459, 2011 (with Brad Humphreys).

“Mega-Events and Housing Costs: Raising the Rent while Raising the Roof?”, The Annals of Regional Science 46(1):119-137, 2011 (with Victor Matheson).

“Special-Interest Groups and Growth,” Public Choice, 147(3-4): 439-457 (with Jac C. Heckelman and Bonnie Wilson).

“Week to Week Attendance and Competitive Balance in the National Football League,” International Journal of Sport Finance 5(4):239-252, 2010 (with Brad Humphreys).

“The Political Economy of Investment: Sclerotic Effects from Interest Groups,” European Journal of Political Economy 26(2):208-221, 2010 (with Jac C. Heckelman and Bonnie Wilson).

“The Length and Success of NBA Careers: Does College Production Predict Professional Outcomes,” International Journal of Sport Finance 5(1):4-26, 2010 (with Babatunde Oguntimein).

“Do College Football Games Pay for Themselves?: The Impact of College Football Games on Local Sales Tax Revenues,” Eastern Economic Review 35(4):531-547, 2009 (with Craig Depken).

“Do Economists Reach a Conclusion for Sports Franchises, Stadiums, and Mega-Events?”, Econ Journal Watch 5(3):294-315, September 2008 (with Brad R. Humphreys).

“NASCAR as a Public Good,” International Journal of Sport Finance, 3(1):42-57, February 2008 (with David Gearhart).

“Determinants of Interest Group Formation”, Public Choice, 133(3-4):377-391, December 2007 (with Bonnie Wilson and Jac C. Heckelman).

“Interest Group Activity and Long-Run Stock Market Performance”, Public Choice, 133(3-4):343-358, December 2007 (with Bonnie Wilson).

“Stadiums and Arenas: Economic Development or Economic Redistribution?”, Contemporary Economic Policy, 25(4):565-577, October 2007.

Special-Interest Groups and Volatility,” Economics Bulletin, 15(18):1-13, 2007.

“Ticket Prices, Concessions and Attendance at Professional Sporting Events” International Journal of Sport Finance, 2(3):161-170, 2007 (with Brad Humphreys).

“Marking the 25th Anniversary of Mancur Olson’s The Rise and Decline of Nations: Editors’ Introduction”, Southern Economic Journal, 74(1): 1-3, 2007 (with Jac C. Heckelman).

“The Tax Benefits of Hosting the Super Bowl and the MLB All-Star Game: the Houston Experience”, International Journal of Sport Finance, 1(4):239-252, 2006.

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“Novelty Effects of New Facilities on Attendance at Professional Sporting Events,” Contemporary Economic Policy, 23(3):436-455, 2005 (with Brad R. Humphreys).

“Baseball Strikes and the Demand for Attendance”, Journal of Sports Economics, 6(3):282-302, 2005 (with Thane Harrison).

“No Significant Distance between Face-to-Face and Online Instruction: Evidence from Principles of Economics,” Economics of Education Review, 23:533-546, 2004 (with Brad Humphreys, John Kane, and Michelle Vachris).

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“Voting on Welfare Reform: The Decision Calculus of Legislators”, Economics of Governance, 1(3):233-259, December 2000.


(For a complete list of publications, see Curriculum Vitae)