Scholarships and Awards

ECON and FIEC Scholarships Announcement 2024-2025
ECON and FIEC Scholarship Application 2024-2025



Several scholarships and awards are available to students in Economics and Administrative Sciences.

The Gerald Goldman Scholarship

Gerald Goldman was one of the first undergraduate students at UMBC. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his program of study. During the summer of his senior year, Gerald suffered a tragic accident while working on a construction job. His family and friends decided that a memorial scholarship in his honor would provide an appropriate remembrance. The Gerald R. Goldman Scholarship Fund was established as an endowed fund in 1974, and in 1975 the first annual scholarship was awarded.

The Omicron Delta Epsilon Scholarship

The Omicron Delta Epsilon Scholarship Fund was established by the members of the Epsilon of Maryland Chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon in 1979. A scholarship has been awarded each year since 1982 to an outstanding economics student at UMBC.

The Economics and Administrative Sciences Alumni Association Charles F. Peake Scholarship

Additional Scholarships

In most years, generous alumni of the economics department or their families provide one year scholarships to outstanding students majoring in economics or in financial economics. The specific scholarships that will be available vary from year to year.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for scholarships are made available to students in March each year. The call for applications is distributed to students each year, through e-mail and this web page. Winners of scholarships and awards are announced at the annual Economics Awards Reception held in the Spring.


Each year, departmental awards are given in a number of categories:

  • Outstanding Graduating Seniors in Economics, Finance, Management Science, Public Administration and Policy, MBA Preparatory Studies, and Personnel and Industrial Psychology
  • Department Chairman’s Award
  • Distinguished Service in Economics Award
  • Sorkin Recognition Award

These awards are presented at the annual Economics Awards Reception.