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R. Scott Farrow

Ph.D., Washington State University

farrow1Professor, Economics

Contact Information

Office: Public Policy 334
Phone: 410-455-5922

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Benefit-Cost, Environmental Economics and Risk Analysis.

Working Papers

Welfare Analysis:  Bridging the Partial and General Equilibrium Divide in Policy Analysis (with A. Rose).

Recent/Selected Publications

“Cybersecurity: Integrating Information into the Microeconomics of the Consumer and the Firm”. Journal of Information Security, J. of Information Security, 7:281-290, 2016.

“Cybersecurity Investment Guidance: Extensions of the Gordon and Loeb Model”, J. of Information Security, 7:15-28, 2016 (with J. Szanton).

“Residual Risk Accounting:  A Pilot Study”, Review of Income and Wealth, Summer, 2015.

Slot Machine Payback Percentages: The Devil is in the Moment”, Journal of Gambling Business and Economics (with J. Costa, ) 8(2):55-71, 2014

Principles and Standards for Benefit-Cost Analysis, Farrow, S. and R. Zerbe, eds., Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, March, 2013.

How (Not) to Lie with Benefit-Cost Analysis”, Economists’ Voice, December, 10(1):45-50, 2013.

Comparing multi-state expected damages, option price and cumulative prospect measures for valuing flood protection”, Water Resources Research, 49(5):2638-2648, 2013 (with M. Scott).

News and Social Costs: The Case of Oil Spills and Distant Viewers,” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 3(4):#4, pp. 1-22, 2012 (with  D. Larson).

A Missing Error Term in Benefit-Cost Analysis,” Environmental Science and Technology, 46(5):2523-2528, 2012.

The Economics of Homeland Security Expenditures: Foundational Expected Cost-Effectiveness Approaches,” Contemporary Economic Policy, January, pp. 14-26, 2007.



(For a complete list of publications, see Curriculum Vitae)