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Welcome New & Interested Economics & Financial Economics Majors

Congratulations!  You have now been admitted to UMBC and have expressed interest in majoring, double majoring or minoring in Economics or Financial Economics.  We would like to share with you some information about the opportunities that majoring in our program would make available.  If you’re interested in computer science and/or mathematics, we’ll provide some links below on economists who have incorporated such interests in their work.
The Main Website
For a general overview, feel free to explore our Economics Department website.  You’re already here, but here’s a link just in case.
Information about Economics Department Faculty
What You Can Do With a Degree in Economics or Financial Economics
Distinctive Summer Internships Associated with UMBC
Ernst and Young
University of Chicago Summer program Internships:
Brookings Institute:
The Sloan Foundation to the UMBC Economics Department
Spotlights on Current Majors and Graduates of UMBC’s Economics and Financial Economics Program
Prominent Economists Combining Interests in Computer Science, Mathematics and Economics
The Society for Computational Economics
There is so much more to share about opportunities in Economics at UMBC.  For further questions and information you can start by contacting the Economics Department adviser, Rob Pawloski rpawloski@umbc.edu . He will see that you are directed to the appropriate contact.
If you have an interest in accounting, the Director of the Accounting program at UMBC is Suzann Medicus medicus@umbc.edu.
We hope that you will give our program serious consideration and would be delighted to welcome you to our department this coming semester!
With all best wishes for your future success, health, and well-being…
David Mitch
Professor of Economics and Department Chair