Kathleen A. Carroll

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

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Associate Professor, Economics
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

Contact Information

Email: carroll@umbc.edu
Office: Fine Arts, Room 430
Phone: 410-455-2169, 410-455-2385

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests

Economics of Organizations, Industrial Organization, Regulation.

Working Papers

“Do Faculty Matter? Effects of Faculty Participation in University Decisions” (with Lisa Dickson and Jane Ruseski)

“Conflicting Objectives of NCAA Members: Analysis of Voting Behavior in the NCAA” (with D. Coates and B. Humphreys)

Recent/Selected Publications

“Agency Behavior in a Nonprofit Setting: Effects of the 1984 Supreme Court Decision on NCAA College Football Television Broadcasts,” Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming (with Brad Humphreys)

“Modeling Internal Decision Process: An Explanation of Conflicting Empirical Results on Nonprofit and For-Profit Hospitals,” Contemporary Economic Policy, 29(4) (October 2011) (coauthor Jane E. Ruseski)

“Nonprofit Decision Making and Social Regulation: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Title IX,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 43 (2000): 359-376 (coauthor Brad Humphreys)

“Teaching Price Discrimination: Some Clarification,” Southern Economic Journal, 66(2) (1999): 466-480 (coauthor Dennis C. Coates)

“The Effects of Multiple Objectives on the Theory of Public Sector Supply,” Public Choice, 75 (1993): 1-20.

“The Industrial Organization of the Federal Sector: Evidence from Bureau Market Share Data,” Public Choice, 77 (1993): 611-627.

“Measuring Market Response to Regulation of the Cable TV Industry,” Journal of Regulatory Economics, 5 (1993): 385-399 (coauthor D. J. Lamdin).

Property Rights and Managerial Decisions in For-profit, Nonprofit, and Public Organizations: Comparative Theory and Policy (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004)

“Behavioral Economics and Decision Making in Organizations: An Application to University Decision Making,” in Handbook on Psychology in Decision-making: New Research, Karen O. Moore and Nancy P. Gonzalez, editors (Hauppage, NY: Nova Publishers, 2011) (Invited chapter; coauthor Lisa Dickson)


(For a complete list of publications, see Curriculum Vitae)