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This page contains information for and about financial investing, career paths for finance students and the UMBC Student Investment Fund.

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Investment fund 1About UMBC Student Investment Fund

The UMBC Student Investment Fund was established in the spring of 2010 with an endowment from the UMBC Foundation. The Fund is designed to provide UMBC students with valuable experience in investment portfolio management, a skill sought after by employers for the best students.
The Fund is incorporated in an upper-level financial economics course, Portfolio Analysis and Management (ECON 476). Students actively manage the fund under the supervision of the Advisory Committee consisted of faculty members in the Department of Economics. The initiation of the fund has been advised by alumni of UMBC including some at T. Rowe Price. Each semester, participating students act as security analysts and portfolio managers. They engage in designing long-term investment strategies, conducting in-depth security analysis and presenting security research reports. They also develop economic and industry outlooks, make investment decisions, monitor and evaluate portfolio performance, and make adjustments to the holdings on as appropriate.

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