Econ Advising


Your CAHSS / Economics Department Academic Advisor is Robert Pawloski

Fall 2024 Advising Assignments were emailed on March 7th, 2024



Advising Resources:

  • Advises students about ECON BA, FIEC BS and ACCT CERT degree requirements.
  • Provides clearance authorization for enrollment or assigns faculty advisor to do so.
  • Assists students with course mapping & registration.
  • Explains university requirements for graduation.
  • Refers students to appropriate resources and offices such as the Career Center, Honors College, Study Abroad, Academic Success, etc.
  • Utilizes degree audit and other data tools to track academic progress.
  • Provides information on institutional policies & procedures, like Course Repeat, Excess Credit, Late-Add, etc.
  • Informs students about extra-curricular activities such as clubs and organizations.
  • Keeps students up to date concerning changes to institutional information including new academic programs, important dates/deadlines, course offerings.

Contact: Robert Pawloski, Academic Advisor, Economics Programs

Phone: 410-455-5922 Email:


General Advising: University and GEP Requirements, Major Pathway and Academic Planning, Registration Clearance (when assigned), Enrollment Assistance, Academic Difficulty, Course Repeat Petitions, SAP Appeals, Policy Exceptions, Inquiries about changing majors, etc.



Faculty members are available to you to discuss matters relating to your academic performance, especially for periods when you are in their classes.  You may also find faculty members helpful and knowledgeable regarding career paths, research and other general economics matters within their expertise.

Advanced Registration: For the period of Advanced Registration each semester, you may be assigned a faculty member for clearance and schedule advising.

Econ Core Faculty

Contact: Suzann Medicus, Director of Accounting Programs

Phone: 410 455-6590 Email:

Accounting Program


Contact: Dr. Tim Gindling, Graduate Program Director

Phone: 410-455-3629 Email:

Econ Graduate Program