Oleg Firsin

Ph.D., Cornell University

Photo2Assistant Professor, Economics

Contact Information

Email: ofirsin@umbc.edu
Office: Public Policy 335
Phone: 410-455-2171

Curriculum Vitae, Personal Website


Research Interests

International Trade, Labor Economics, Development Economics, and Applied Microeconomics.

Works in progress

Immigration and Offshoring Effects on Attitudes Towards Immigration.

Oligopsony and Agricultural Price Transmission Asymmetry.

Trade Liberalization and Returns to Vocational Education in India (with Tanvi Rao).

Working papers

The Interactive Effect of Immigration and Offshoring on U.S. Wages.

Do Immigrants Promote Exports to Third Party Countries? On the Role of Geographic and Linguistic Proximity.

On the Role of Farm Size Distribution in Explaining Cross-Country Variation in Agricultural Productivity.


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