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Post Undergraduate Opportunities in Economics

Planning for life after graduation? There are many different pathways available after graduation.

Post Baccalaureate Programs (“Post-Baccs”) are an excellent bridge between undergraduate and graduate studies. In economics, they often offer research experience, mentorship, and free coursework! Below are fully funded Post Baccalaureate programs in Economics and Mathematics that provide these amenities and more.

Research Assistant (“RA”) positions offer recent graduates the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in real world research projects with seasoned economists. In these positions, you will utilize programming languages like Stata and R to clean and analyze large data sets as well as relevant literature review to aid economists in their publications.




Program Name Program Type Website Link Due Date
 PHD Excellence Initiative Post Bacc 2/1/2019
 Equality of Opportunity Pre-Doctoral RA 10/31/2018
 Hot Metal Bridge Program Post Bacc 4/1/2019
 Smith College Woman’s Post Bac Post Bacc 3/15/2019
 Stanford SIEPR Post Bacc Rolling
 Stanford RFP Post Bacc  3/1/2019
 Yale ESI Post Bacc 2/29/2019
 Harvard Research Scholar Initiative Post Bacc 2/1/2019
 NYU Pre-doctoral Program Post Bacc 12/31/2018
 Federal Reserve System Research   Assistant-ships RA Rolling
Yale Research Assistant Positions RA Rolling
Mathematica Research Assistant RA Rolling
Stanford Law Empirical Research Fellowship RA 1/7/2019
NBER Research Assistant Position Database RA Rolling


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