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UMBC Economics/NUI-Galway Student Exchange Program

What is the Economics at NUI-Galway program?

The program allows ECON and FiEC students to study abroad for a semester or year at the National University of Ireland-Galway. UMBC students stay registered at UMBC and pay their regular tuition and fees to UMBC but take courses in Ireland that can transfer back to UMBC to fulfill credit in the major.

Why NUI-Galway?

NUI-Galway is recognized as a leader in Business and the program deals primarily with the Commerce Faculty there (Click here for more information). NUI-Galway is in a medium sized town, on the edge of the Atlantic, and has easy links to the rest of Ireland and Europe.

What courses are available?

NUI-Galway offers a range of Business, Economics, and IT courses available. Students may also take electives in Irish language and culture and other classes. NUI-Galway typically rotates course availability on a yearly basis by semester so Fall course offerings are different from Spring.

Who is eligible?

Though available to any student, the exchange program is best for students in their junior or early senior year of the an ECON or FIEC major. The minimum GPA for admission to the program is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

How do I apply?

Applications are processed through UMBC’s Study Abroad Office and may be found here. Once the application is in process students will be directed to the department for course articulation equivalents.

What are the application deadlines?

For Fall you must have your application in to our study abroad office no later than March 10. For Spring semesters the deadline is October 15.

When do I register for classes?

Registration is done in person once you are at NUI-Galway. We work with individual UMBC students and the NUI-Galway faculty ahead of time to make sure that appropriate courses and seats are available.

What are the fees involved?

UMBC exchange students pay full-time UMBC tuition and fees for the semester. Participants pay for housing, meals, books, and personal expenses in Ireland, as well as your flights. The NUI_Galway International Office works with exchange students to assure them spots in their on-campus accommodation. As there are no meal plans, students placed in on campus accommodations will need to cook for themselves. All of the on-campus accommodations at NUI-Galway have kitchens where students can prepare their own meals.

How about health insurance?

Exchange students must purchase appropriate medical insurance as required by the host institution. The student must pay any medical/health/dental costs not covered by their insurance.

How about passports and visas?

Students will need a passport but they do not need a visa. Exchange students are required to register with the Irish Police upon arrival.

For further information

Visit the NUI-Galway website, or contact Brian Souders (Study Abroad Office), or the Economics Department.