Auditing for Information Systems

The growth in information technology capabilities and the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other legislation are driving demand for information technology auditors in public, private, non¬profit and government sectors. The objective of this program is to prepare the student for entry positions in the IT audit field and for certification as an information systems auditor.

While open to all majors, the target audience is the BTA or IS major who is also interested in the accounting and auditing field, and the ECON or FIEC major who is completing the Accounting Certificate. The interdisciplinary combination of information technology knowledge and accounting and auditing skills will provide the student a competitive advantage in this growing field upon their graduation.

Auditing for Information Systems Certificate Requirements (pdf)

Please note: The online course catalog contains the official listing of program requirements and takes precedence over information listed on this site. Should you discover a discrepancy between the online catalog and any information posted on this site, please contact the department for instructions.

A grade of “C” or better is required in courses to fulfill all certificate requirements.

Required Preparation

  • IS 300 – Management of Information Systems
  • IS 350 – Business Communication Systems
  • IS 430 – Information Systems and Security
  • ECON 301 – Intermediate Accounting I
  • ECAC 321 – Auditing Theory and Practice
  • IS 474 — Legal Aspects of Information Systems -or MGMT 360 — Business Law
  • IS 304 — Ethical Issues in Information Systems -or MGMT 385 — Business Ethics & Society
  • IS 317 / ECAC 317 – Accounting Information Systems
  • IS 417 / ECAC 420 Information Systems Auditing

Please note: Upper level courses taken to satisfy an IS certificate requirement may not also be used to satisfy the required upper level IS elective course in the IS or BTA majors. All upper level courses count toward the 45 upper level credits required to graduate from UMBC.