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The departmental honors program provides opportunities for qualified students to enrich their undergraduate studies and to receive recognition for academic excellence in economics.

Students are qualified to enroll in the departmental honors program if they have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours of academic work with a minimum GPA of 3.50 and have completed at least ECON 101, ECON 102, ECON 311 and ECON 312 with a minimum GPA of 3.50. Completion of the departmental honors program requires that students maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.50 and a minimum GPA of 3.50 in economics courses. Four of the upper-level ECON courses to complete the major must be designated as honors courses; students will complete supplemental research in these courses under the guidance of the instructor. Students must attain a minimum GPA of 3.75 in their upper-level honors courses.

Interested students should contact their major advisor or the departmental honors advisor, Dr. Michael Bradley, for complete information on departmental honors.